Choosing Your Wall Art

Your images deserve wall space.

I would never put up an image of myself!”

“We have children!”

“I wouldn’t want any guests to see them!”

I get it – we can come up with 129 reasons NOT to display wall art from our boudoir
session. We’re embarrassed or ashamed. We’re worried how it will look or make us feel
if someone sees them. You have images of YOU hanging in your home. How embarrassing,
You worked so hard to get to a place to do a boudoir session. We worked together to create
gorgeous images of you. Shouldn’t you see them more often than just tucked away in your
My mission, my unconventional ministry of boudoir photography is to show women that they
are beautiful. What’s more beautiful art for your home than you?

Imagine every time you glance at the image getting the empowering feeling you felt during your session!

This means something. Something special. It means you value yourself. It means you love
yourself. It means you are comfortable seeing yourself and recognizing your own strength
and spirit.
I’m not suggesting you hang nakie images of yourself in the entryway or a booty shot in the
family room. You absolutely should consider your privacy and have concern for your
visitors’ comfort. But every session there are those images that you are so in love with and
should be able to enjoy them openly. Not every image will be scantily clad. There will be
gorgeous images of your face and silhouettes.

The #1 question I am asked is “Which image should I choose for my wall art?

That depends on where you want to display them. Here are a few suggestions of where they would look beautiful.

Imagine a beautiful, sensual, anonymous image for the master bathroom. In black and white
or in a color palette that coordinates with the colors of your master bathroom. Your image
would look stunning over the tub or across from a mirror – you can catch a glimpse of
yourself and be reminded of how gorgeous you are.

In your bedroom or bathroom you have total control over who sees the image. You could
choose an image that isn’t recognizable to you. Many clients will choose an image that is

One of my favorite places! Imagine putting an image of you in your closet where you get
dressed every day. Start your day off with a reminder of your empowering boudoir
experience. Or, you could hang an image behind your partner’s shirts so that is the last vision
they see before they slay their day.

And if you’re brave and fearless you can put your wall art anywhere you like.

Once you’ve decided where your art work will go, which image should you choose?

Easy peasy… which image do you absolutely LOVE? That’s the one you should display for
your enjoyment!

  • What about choosing a sequence? Think about it like stills from a film – each one slightly
    different and revealing a little distinct personality.
  • You could choose one image from each look. Variety. Different facets of you.
    Make it monochrome! One beautiful way to visually unify all your images is to have a
    sequence all in black and white.
  • Your images might be intertwined with other things you love. Only the most curious will
    lean in and see you among the things you love.