Guide: How to Flatter any Figure!

Boudoir photo woman in red lingerie
Whether you have a lot on top or an itsy bit…here are tips to flatter any bust!

What to Wear When You’re a bijou babe (French for small on top)


Not all garments are created equal, and when you’re smaller on top you want to take advantage of that fact. Try going for a high neckline halter when you’re looking for pieces to rock. This type of lingerie will emphasize your sultry shoulders and bring attention up to your eyes. Keep it simple with a halter top and panty set like this, or you can try a lace bodysuit.


And speaking of bodysuits, boost that booty with a fun and playful bodysuit that can highlight your ass-ets while turning up the sexy. Sheer and lace designs will be really great for this look; pair it with some sexy heels (remember to skip the strap backs) and you’ll be a total showstopper. For this look, try a bodysuit with a plummeted neckline like this.

Boudoir photo dark haired woman in mauve bodysuit


One of the biggest things you can bank on when you’re smaller on top is the detail work of the lingerie you choose to flaunt. Bralettes are a great example because they come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes. Whether you’re going for lace, satin, applique, or velour, there are so many great options for making this style truly your own.

Black and white boudoir photo of blonde woman in black lingerie


There are some styles that you should most definitely stay away from when you’re smaller on top. Save yourself the heartache and back away from corsets and bras with cups. They’ll only be doing you a disservice and nobody has time for that.

What to wear if you’re a busty babe!


Shapewear is going to be your best friend when it comes to boudoir. Choose carefully, though. Not all shapewear is designed with you in mind, so try to stay away from thongs when you’re choosing your outfits. Something I strongly suggest is to invest in some Spanx or Pansy Shapewear. Yep, those Spanx. Not only are these a flattering addition to any woman’s wardrobe, but they can actually be worn under your lingerie to shape and smooth your curves.

boudoir photos brunette woman in black shapewear


The best part of curves? Corsets. Corsets, of course, are one of the better known boudoir styles, but the key here is to get the perfect size. As a general rule, you’ll want to measure your natural waist and then select a corset that’s 7-10 inches smaller. Corsets are a great way to boost the girls, just make sure you’re lacing into the right size for the best look!


My advice for garter belts would be to grab a thicker belt like this to get the most flattering outline. Skinny garter belts are not flattering. End of story.
P.S.- You can sneak a pair of Spanx under these as well!

blonde woman boudoir pose on bathtub red lingerie
blonde woman boudoir pose on bathtub white lingerie


Bodysuits are great because they let you express your sensuality without worrying about those little areas you’re self-conscious about. When you’re looking for the perfect bodysuit, play around with different textures and colors to see what’s the most flattering. While black will be a forever classic, you might just find that bright red perfectly matches your playful personality.


Let’s talk two-pieces! These can be a little trickier for curvy girls, but if you’re set on grabbing some pics in them, there are definitely options. My first suggestion would be for you to try a garter belt (with or without stockings) or to go for a retro look with some high-rise undies and a gorgeous bra.

Blonde woman white lingerie
brunette woman boudoir black lingerie

Whichever outfits or styles you choose, remember that it’s your confidence that shines through the brightest during the shoot. When you’re comfortable, and what you’re wearing is a representation of you, it gives you that much more sass and power. Still not sure which option is for you? Feel free to reach out!

I have a HUGE Pinterest board with ideas for wardrobe. Go check it out and follow!


-XOXO Terri

boudoir photographer Terri Zachea