Hair Tips for Your Boudoir Shoot

Top Hair Tips for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

Preparing for a boudoir photo shoot involves more than just choosing the perfect outfit and location. Your hair plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of your photos. Your boudoir shoot with Grace in Lace Boudoir includes a professional hairstylist, but it’s best to plan ahead so you know which look you’d like to go with on your special day! Whether you’re aiming for soft and romantic waves or a sleek and sophisticated style, here are some essential hair tips to ensure you look and feel your best during your boudoir session.

1. Plan Ahead

Start thinking about your hairstyle at least a few weeks before your shoot. This gives you enough time to try out different looks and decide what makes you feel the most confident. If you’re considering a new haircut or color, do it at least a week before the shoot to allow time for any adjustments.

2. Stay True to Yourself

Your boudoir photos should reflect your personality and style. If you rarely wear your hair up, a high bun might not feel like you. Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and authentic. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty, not transform you into someone else.

3. Consider Your Outfits

Your hairstyle should complement your outfits. For instance, if you’re wearing intricate lingerie with lots of details, consider an updo or half-up style to avoid covering those elements. For simpler, more revealing outfits, flowing waves or curls can add a touch of glamour.

4. Embrace Volume

Voluminous hair tends to photograph well. Consider using volumizing products and techniques to give your hair some lift. A good blowout, teasing the roots, or adding some loose curls can create a full, luxurious look that adds drama to your photos.

5. Soft and Sexy Waves

Loose, soft waves are a popular choice for boudoir shoots. They’re versatile, romantic, and add a touch of elegance without being overly styled. To achieve this look, your stylist will use a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers. Then she’ll set your curls with a lightweight hairspray for hold without stiffness. Try this look at home to see if you like it!

6. Sleek and Straight

For a more polished and modern look, sleek straight hair is a great option. Using a good quality straightener and heat protectant helps to achieve a smooth finish. This style works well with bold makeup and can give your photos a chic, sophisticated vibe.

Boudoir photo of silver-haired woman wearing a tiara

7. Experiment with Accessories

Hair accessories can add an extra element of interest to your boudoir photos. Think about incorporating delicate headbands, tiaras, hairpins, or floral crowns. These can enhance your hairstyle and tie into the overall theme of your shoot.

8. Keep it Tamed

No matter your chosen style, frizz and flyaways can be distracting in photos. Use anti-frizz conditioner, smoothing serums, and your stylist will use a bit of hairspray to keep everything in place. A small touch-up kit with these essentials can be a lifesaver during your shoot; as you are changing positions and your hair does, too!

9. Professional Styling

If you’re unsure about styling your hair yourself or want to ensure it’s picture-perfect, consider consulting with your professional stylist before your shoot. (You can consult with your makeup artist, too!) They can work with you to create a look that flatters your features and matches the vibe of your shoot. Plus, it’s one less thing for you to worry about on the day.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Do a trial run of your chosen hairstyle before the actual shoot. Take some selfies or have someone take a few photos to see how it looks on camera. This can help you tweak any details and feel more confident about your look.

Final Thoughts

Your hair is an important part of your boudoir shoot, adding to the overall mood and style of your photos. By planning ahead, choosing a style that suits you, and taking care of the details, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your session, knowing you look your absolute best.

If you have any questions or need more personalized advice, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help make your boudoir experience as wonderful and empowering as possible. Ready to showcase your beauty? Let’s make it happen!