How I got Tricked into Photographing a Boudoir Session

If anyone would have told me I was going to specialize in boudoir photography, I would have told them they really didn’t know me very well! I was so sure I wanted to focus on newborns…they are so precious and what is it that makes smelling them so irresistible?

However, while chatting with our daughter, she “casually” mentioned that her best friend would be coming to visit. She said they were renting a hotel room…(that should have raised suspicion right away) Don’t be silly, I tell her, we have plenty of room. Then the hints start dropping…she wants photos, she’s too shy to hire a photographer, wants a gift for her husband-to-be on their wedding day…Naturally, I offer my studio. “But, I don’t really know what I’m doing, mom”.

Of course, I offer to take the photos but, under some strict guidelines. No nudity; only classy, elegant photos. They immediately agree and so the journey begins.

I thought it was going to be an easy peasy session. How hard could it be to take photos of a gorgeous young bride-to-be? I ask if she is interested in creating an album for her fiancé and she replies, “If I get 1 or 2 decent photos I will be happy.” Whhhaaaatttt??

As I began taking her photos and showing her how beautiful they were, she became more and more confident. By the end of the session she was on cloud nine! She narrowed down the photo’s she LOVED to 44! That’s a tad more than 1 or 2!

I thought maybe it was a fluke and decided to try another session. Same thing happened! This client, a mother of three, told me this was totally out of her comfort zone…She killed her session! Couldn’t believe the photos were of her!

No one was more surprised than me! I found my passion – my unconventional ministry! I am on a mission to help women realize their beauty, confidence, and sexiness!

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