Maternity Boudoir: Bears, Leather, Lace, Flowers & Milk…

I am always humbled when a glowing mother-to-be trusts me with her Maternity Boudoir Session! I get strange looks when I tell someone how much I love taking Maternity Boudoir photos. “People actually do that? Take photos in their underoos… pregnant?” I get the hesitation. I actually loved being pregnant, but there are lots of women who had horrible pregnancies and didn’t like anything about it. I have to admit it’s hard for me to pass by a mommy-to-be without commenting on how stunning and radiant she looks.

The truth is being pregnant isn’t easy…you’re growing a human! And the hormones, body changes, morning sickness that lasts all day (why do they even call it morning sickness) and just when you start to get used to the changes your body changes again. It’s so normal to one day feel like you could conquer the world and the next day you’re insecure and wondering what were you thinking! Why would you want to take maternity boudoir pictures when your emotions are all over the place?

Well, here is why I think it’s a smashing idea!

It could be your first pregnancy, your last pregnancy, or maybe you had a difficult time conceiving! You may have more babies, but you will only have this baby once. Each and every pregnancy is a gift that should be celebrated. This is why, especially with maternity sessions, I encourage my clients to bring meaningful personal items. Graceful Babe L. brought her teddy bear from when she was a child! Can I get a collective “awww!”?

You will only have THIS baby once!

Everyone experiences different things during pregnancy, but one thing we all have in common…those curves! I mean come on, the boobs fill up and the buns fill out and suddenly you become this voluptuous woman with amazing curves! Show! Them! Off! Before they’re gone! Not your typical maternity outfit, but how freakin’ hot is Graceful Babe L. in black leather and lace? While the hot pink baby doll and pearls is sweet and romantic. We match the wardrobe to your style, personality and comfort level.

Sometimes it’s hard to take a shower and get ready for the day; never mind putting on makeup and curling your hairs! How does a couple of hours of pampering sound? From the moment you come into my studio you are being catered to. We go through your wardrobe and choose a little bit of mine and a little bit of what you bring. Then you sit down and have your makeup and hair professionally done all while listening to your favorite music. By the time we start shooting you’re feeling relaxed and glamorous!

Pampering does a baby bump some good!

Believe it or not, you will forget how you feel and how big your baby bump gets! Getting a silhouette is so important, especially during pregnancy. Even though Graceful Babe L. had a couple of weeks left, she will always have this side view to remember her baby bump. My fav is when the belly button starts to stick out!

You will forget how this feels!

Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk infused with honey, lavender, or rose petals. What better way to finish off than with the maternity milk bath! Wearing white or creamy colors, when lace gets wet, will create an incredible impression of romantic patterns. Nothing works better than lace for a feminine, gracious, glamorous look, but additional benefits are flexibility and comfort. This is especially important if the milk bath pregnancy photos are taken in the later stages of pregnancy.

Why wouldn’t you want to take maternity boudoir photos! Don’t miss the opportunity to capture this special time in your life, contact me at to reserve your spot.