What is a Glam-ma?



A woman whose children have children, but is far too young, gorgeous & glamorous to be called grandma.

Rhonda contacted me to schedule a boudoir session, sharing, “I’m a former Police Officer, Director of Security, and Emergency Response Instructor for the City of Las Vegas. Basically, I have to be like a tough man all the time, yet I’m a woman who wants to feel and look like one, if only for a moment.” Rhonda is a mother of five and fourteen grandchildren and is a young 50-year-old. Challenge accepted!

She was nervous and literally shaking when she arrived. As we were going through the client closet, I was having a mental debate…should I offer her something stronger than water? Just then Rhonda pulled out a rhinestone bra and fringe boots. Wow, this wasn’t your typical grandma and she was going to rock this session!

The lingerie was selected and now she was ready to be glammed! During hair and makeup she shared with us that she had been shot, stabbed, beaten up, thrown to the ground face first, shattering her nose, we chuckled when she told us she is still nervous for her session. Clients are not allowed to see their makeover until they are done, it’s fun for all of us to have a reveal. On more than one occasion we have had to run for tissue to dab some tears. Rhonda was blown away at her hair and makeup reveal. “Is that me?”

I decided to begin with the little black dress she brought to ease her nerves. She looked gorgeous and after showing her the images on the back of my camera her confidence soared.

She was ready for her rhinestone bra and fringe leather boots! I added a black lace robe from my client closet and the photo shoot really began at that moment.

I love that this single mom, Glam-ma, former cop, and teacher who has to “be like a tough guy all the time,” will look at her images and be reminded of just how beautiful she is.

It’s no secret that I think of boudoir photography as my unconventional calling. I love lifting other women up. Although, as I am lifting Rhonda up she is lifting me up right back! She said to me: “I needed this. I take care of my grandkids, my son is sick and we’re in & out of hospitals. I teach people how to save lives & can’t even save my own. So it’s like,” she pauses, and quietly says “I think this saved me.” But never one to be too focused on herself she quickly adds, “You’re awesome. You made me feel so much better – you really did”.

“You really made me see something in myself I had no idea was there!! Thank you, thank you and from my heart and soul THANK YOU!” ~ Rhonda E.